What are the Judges Looking For?

It is always helpful to know what the judges will be looking for in the pageant.  Well, here we give you exactly what you can expect.


30% of the score –
One of the most important aspects of the Pageant is for all judges to meet each contestant individually.  It is during the personal interview that the judges have an opportunity to select a woman whose personality, intellect, and conversational abilities meet the ideals of Ms. Senior Georgia.




30% of the score
The talent presentation is an integral part of the Ms. Senior Georgia Pageant. It is designed to encourage talent from music to art, to handiwork to the recitation of poetry and anything in between.  the objective is to demonstrate that talent does not diminish with age.

Evening Gown

15% of the score
It is the philosophy of the pageant that clothes do not make the woman, but rather, it is the woman who makes the clothes.  during this event, the judges will see that the contestant’s poise and grace displays not only her fashion style,m but also her lifestyle.



Statement of Principle – Platform

Platform: 15% of the score
onstage Question: 10% of the score

The Ms. Senior Georgia Pageant does recognize physical beauty however the pageant seeks to emphasize that true beauty is a matter of insight and service to others.  Each contestant is given the opportunity to present a written statement which conveys her community service or passion for life.  Each contestant will be asked an Onstage Question related to her Platform during the Evening Gown competition.